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L3 provides various services from individual lessons to team packages to our very own Level - Up - Infield!  


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What We


Individual Lessons

Each instructor has their specialty. We offer individual lessons in pitching, hitting, baserunning, catching, fielding, and slapping.


Large Camps/Clinics

Over the summer- we host 1-day or 3-day events! Working on all skills! Stay tuned on our "events" page for more information! If you would like to host one of our clinics, contact us! 


Team Small Group Packages

We will work with you on developing a package for small group sessions.  Contact us today to set up a pitching and/or catching package today!


Small Groups

Be on the look out for special events. We offer small group hitting sessions, baserunning, beginner pitching groups, or catching sessions. 


Level - Up - Infield

Level - Up - Infield is not your traditional infield clinic. It's our fast-paced, high - intensive infield practice that focuses on mental toughness.  We help the girls get to next level with focusing on the next out, quick recovery, explosive and efficient movements.  Check out our event page to join Level - Up - Infield. 


Whole Team Group Packages

We offer team packages to come during your team time! We offer support and guidance in all aspects of softball!  Call us today to set up a meeting to go over what you would like and the needs of your team. 

I use Tab as a pitching coach and Maddy,  "Pep" as a hitting/conditioning coach. Pep is like an older sister to Miley.  Tab is an older, older sister to her as well.  They fit my kid in even if they don't have openings. They are very flexible.  Miley went from 44mph to 49mph on the radar gun in about a year while fixing her mechanics.  Miley went from batting 12th to hitting 5th.  Striking out only 11 times all year.  Pep got her from a 20.2 home to home down in the 16s in a matter of a few months.  They push my kids, and she rises to the challenge every time.  They bring the best out of her. 100% recommend to everyone.     

Joe Pelligrino- 11U Pitching Dad

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